15 Jul 2019


If brand or product brand packaging, in a few second the interesting the customer, must be activated in front of rack from seller!

Hover Box Element

Hover Box Element

Let the opposite convince you, you can decide the project yourself!

We give you 3 hours for a sample object to order


 Packages are not only fort he emotional side, also functional aspects are important for customer. More than 28 years this will be a work, which we solve succesfull and time phased for manufacturer and discounter baseed on projects. A lot of created products by us, et all from nonfood, play items, standrad cartons, cosmetic products and cleaning items you will find in the drugstores and convenience stores.

We also create packages for play items and games, included die cut picture for manufacturers in Asia (with o r without specification).We work systematic and costs effectiv with the necessary  know-how. All times in view of audience and in view of native quality. Our service is more than preparing and creating of stickers, cartons and simular things.


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