15 Jul 2019

Websites & Shops

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Professional shop software, smooth shop management and sophisticated marketing pave the way to a successful online shop
With which selection of a professional shop software you lay the foundation for your success in eCommerce.

It’s easier with us – 100%

With webshops pre-installed by us, you are online in no time.
This means for you: Log in and start!
(Manual for the operation is free!)

The different shop systems are equipped with all functions and extensions that support you on your way to success. If any feature is missing, it will be installed.

Do not waste your valuable time with us
Installation, adaptation of design templates

Leave this to the expert

There are no limits for products, categories. and no further follow-up costs
(only shop package & hosting costs)

Multilingualism can be installed on request
Own administration without programming knowledge possible (by CMS)

Also the technical basis is ensured (by server in Germany), you decide for a hosting with us, immediately it can start !!

A “shop software from that pole” does not help, because the requirements for speed and availability of the shop software are too big today, be it Magento, OpenCart, Gambio Germany (not free and only available in German), Oxide, WordPress, Presta Shop or Joomla.

Almost all are free !!

Shop Management
The tasks of the shop administration are manifold, and the effort must be minimized as far as possible. Billing and dunning, warehousing and dispatch logistics and customer management must be managed “on a combined view”.

When your online shop opens its doors for the first time, there is another problem: no-one knows your shop, and your products are unknown, especially in search engines. That’s why you need to generate marketing planning. In eCommerce this means search engine marketing (SEM) with Google AdWords and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

With us you will learn:
which professional shop software will be used
How to handle the shop management efficiently
and how to find customers with professional marketing and gain advantages

How can we help you?

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